General FAQ

Do you offer any discounts?
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How do I sign up for Adoren Studio texts to get 15% off?
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Wooden Sign FAQ

I want my name to be (fill in the blank) inches TALL/HIGH - what width do I order to get that height? (also) How TALL/HIGH is a (12"/18"/24"/36", etc...) wide sign?
Great question!  Unfortunately we can't give you an exact answer as it varies widely based on a few things: (1) Your name and its exact number of letters (2) Your chosen font and (3) The width chosen.  You will need to order a proof to know the exact height.  Seemyfont.com is designed to give you a visual preview as you drag the slider to see how the name gets taller as it gets wider but if the visual preview doesn't help you to know the size you want and you need the measurement done you'll need to add a proof to your order.  And don't worry, if you order the wrong size we can always issue you a credit if you need to size down or send you an additional invoice if you need to size up so don't worry about ordering perfectly if you aren't sure, just be sure to order a proof!  Please note our turnaround time on proofs.

How wide is the crib in your photo preview?  Also, what crib is it?
It is 53.5" wide.  It is the Ikea GULLIVER crib.  A standard crib mattress is 52" long.  Your actual crib frame may be longer but this is a good tool to visualize for over the crib.  

My sign isn't going over a crib, it's going over a (fill in the blank), what size should I order?
Below are some helpful measurements.  Nurseries and childrens rooms are the most popular use of our signs but we understand they can go anywhere!  It's really just a matter of measuring and determining how much space/width you want your sign to take up, we can't tell you what size to order because it depends on the look you are going for.  We suggest measuring your wall or backdrop area and determining the amount of space you would like the sign to occupy.

Standard Mattress Widths
King: 76"
Cal King: 72"
Queen: 60"
Full: 53" (headboard of a full is same as crib shown in image)
Twin: 38"

Event Spaces
10 foot backdrop: 120" wide
8 foot banquet table: 96" wide

Will my name/word(s) look exactly like the preview?
Not exactly.  Your name or word(s) will look very similar to the preview shown however in the interest of making you a single connected wooden piece we will connect any letters that are disconnected from the rest of the name and we will also attach the dot of a lowercase "i" or "j" to the body of the letter.  Additionally, some fonts that have very thin strokes connected the letters will be thickened, or more bold than shown to produce a stronger sign for you.  If you know for sure that you don't want us to connect your letters or your dot(s) simply leave us a note and we will follow your directions.  There are some fonts that fully connect all letters automatically and you'll be able to see those in the preview.

I'm not sure if I'll like the name once you combine letters or connect the dot, etc...  What do I do?
That's not a problem!  Simply request a proof with your order and we will send you a digital file that will show you the word or name EXACTLY as it will be cut.  You can feel free to leave us notes like "Please show me the dot both connected and disconnected" and we will be happy to do so.  Please be aware that proofs do add to your processing time.

A word about dots: Many customers are concerned that connecting the dot will look very strange.  Please note that we take care to connect the dot only slightly so that it will attach to the letter base but still will look like a dot and not a jumbled blob on top of your letter.  Again, if you're concerned please order a proof, however about 95% of our customers do order their signs with the dot connected and they find the sign to be very legible in connected form, it just sounds counter-intuitive.  Please keep in mind that proofs do add to your turnaround time and also if you choose to have your dot disconnected you will need to attach it to your wall separately from the rest of your sign.

Are there any letters that don't look good when you connect them?
There are certain letters that we do sometimes find to be tricky to connect while maintaining the legibility of the word or name.  In particular a capital L and capital T can look strange if connected to the body of the name (not in all fonts but in some.)  For this reason, we recommend ordering a proof if you have one of those letters and even if you don't we will likely send you one to be sure you like what we are cutting if it does not meet our standard of legibility.  Some of our customers do prefer a disconnected 1st letter for other letters as well and we are happy to provide a disconnected 1st letter if that is your preference.  About 95% of our customers choose to have their signs fully connected.

I need 2 names, do I order 2 signs?
When ordering 2 names it is recommended that you request a proof with your order to ensure we create what you are expecting.  Here is some helpful info for ordering 2 names:

For 2 names it is important for us to know if you want the names to be proportional to each other or if 1 sign is intended to be larger or smaller than the other.  For twins or siblings sharing a room and putting signs side-by-side you will usually want a proportional configuration.  You will also want a proportional configuration if you intend to use a 1st and middle name but you want both names to appear the same overall size on the wall.  If instead you are wanting a large 1st name and underneath a smaller middle name then you are going for a disproportional configuration.  Here are the guidelines for each:

Proportional Configuration for 2 Names
You can order a single sign as long as the combined width of both names is 54" or less.  You would order the total width that you need for both names.  If your combined width of both names is greater than 54" then please order 2 signs that equal your desired combined width and leave us a note that you want your names proportional.  You will also need to specify if you want your names connected or disconnected (most customers choose disconnected.) Below are some examples to help explain:

Example 1
Name needed: Avery Grace at 48" wide total
Order - (1) 48" sign 

Example 2
Name needed: Avery Grace at 72" wide total
Order - (1) 54" sign and (1) 18" sign

Example 3
Name needed: Avery Grace at 70" wide
You would still order (1) 54" sign and (1) 18" sign.  If you are between widths simply size up to the next one and leave us a note "I would like Avery Grace at 70" wide"

Disproportional Configuration for 2 Names
For a disproportional configuration you will need to order 2 signs in your desired widths.  We strongly recommend requesting a proof with your order as it can be difficult to tell you the correct sizing.  You don't need to worry about ordering perfectly as we can issue you a credit or an additional invoice if you need to size up or down.  Simply order 2 signs in the ballpark width you are thinking and request a proof.  Feel free to leave us your ideal dimensions in your order notes.  We cannot provide sizing information ahead of time to aid in your ordering process as the sizing depends largely on your specific name's length, your chosen font and your width and need to draw the name during the proof process to know the answer.

Can I get a proof before ordering?
We are only able to provide proofs for confirmed orders.  Please place your order and request your proof and we will be happy to provide one.

How long will my proof take?
Proof creation lead time is subject to change due to changing order volume.  Our current turnaround times can be found here.

How long will my sign take to ship?
Our turnaround time is subject to change due to changing order volume.  Our current turnaround times for painted and unpainted signs with and without a proof can be found here.

Helpful Definitions For Prints & Printables

Digital Printable

A digital printable is artwork that is sold as a digital JPEG file and is NOT printed or mailed to you.  Our Digital Printables can be classified into two categories:

(a) Instant Downloads

(b) Personalized Printables 

Instant Download
An instant download is a digital printable JPEG file that is available for immediate download after purchase.  You will be directed to a link where you can download the file right away without any waiting or turn around.

Personalized Printable
A personalized printable is a digital printable that require personalization/customization based on your chosen options and therefore are NOT available immediately and are subject to our current turnaround time.  Personalized Printables include designs such as monograms, birth announcements or invitations.


A print is a physical piece of artwork that is printed and mailed to your door.  Our prints can be classified into two categories:

(a) Personalized Prints

(b) Non-Personalized Prints

Personalized Prints
A personalized print is a physical print that requires personalization/customization based on your chosen options and therefore is subject to our current turnaround time.  You will receive a proof of your personalized design via email prior to printing/shipping.  Personalized Prints include designs such as monograms or birth announcements that must be designed with personal details before they are printed and mailed to you.

Non-Personalized Prints
A non-personalized print is a physical print that does not require any editing, therefore you will not receive a proof of the design.  All non-personalized prints ship within 2 business days.

Digital Printable FAQ

How do I print my digital artwork file?
A helpful blog post regarding printing options can be found here.  At checkout, there will be a download link and a link will also be emailed to you. Download and save the file(s) to your computer.  You have many options for printing!  Print at home or take the file to a local or online printing/copy shop.  If you are interested in receiving a print in the mail directly from us please visit our Prints section and we will print and mail the design to you.  

What type of file will I receive for my digital printable purchase?
You will receive a high resolution JPEG file.  Most of our files are sized as 8×10" unless otherwise indicated in the item details.  The resolution of our 8x10" files is very high quality - 300 DPI (2400px x 3000px)

What if I need a different file type?
If you need a different file type please contact us with your requested format to discuss. We do not offer editable PSD (photoshop) files.

What if I need a different size?
At this time, digital printables on our site are only available in the size indicated in the product listing.  You may size the file down by cropping without losing any image quality.  Keep in mind if you size up the file you will see some decrease in quality.  Also keep in mind that we do offer Prints in larger sizes, be sure to check the corresponding print product listing to its digital listing for the sizes available.

Can you change the color of a digital download?
At this time, digital downloads on our site are only available in the colors shown in the product listing.  We do not offer changes to the colors of the paintings themselves.  

What is the recommended paper choice for printing?
While this is a personal preference, we recommend a matte cardstock or watercolor paper option. Some customers prefer a satin or glossy photo paper.  These are also nice options but will produce glare and some of our customers may feel this is not the best choice for framing art prints. 

Do you recommend any professional printers?
A helpful blog post regarding printing options can be found here.  Many customers also take their files to Staples, UPS, Fedex, OfficeMax and other similar stores and achieve great results. If printing online, I recommend VistaPrint, Mpix, and Catprint (among others) but there are many quality online print shops.  It's never a bad idea to check Groupon or RetailMeNot.com to see if any are running coupon codes as they often do.

Can you just print for me?
Yes we can.  Please do not purchase Digital Printables if you wish for us to print for you, instead order its corresponding print from the Print Shop.   If you previously purchased a digital design and have changed your mind and would like a printed design, please purchase the print in a new order and then contact us to process a refund of your digital artwork.

I didn't receive my digital download!
Please email us at hello@adorenstudio.com if you are having any issues with your download.

How many can I print?
Digital printables are for personal use only and we ask that you please do not print more than three of each file you download. See complete terms of use here.

Once I print the files, can I sell the prints?
No. Digital printables are for personal use only. Please see terms of use here.

Print FAQ

How long does shipping take?
Most of our products are printed to order. Please see our current Turnaround Times for our products. 

Do you ship internationally?
We presently ship to the US only.  For our international customers please feel free to purchase our Digital Printables and print locally or online.

What type of paper do you print on?
Art prints are printed on thick textured 315 gram Giclee archival watercolor rag paper with archival quality inks.  This is a lovely watercolor paper with a matte, textured finish to showcase the beautiful nature of watercolor.