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The Crown Jewel of the Nursery!

"The only thing in my nursery that I love more than this sign is my baby!  This sign exceeded all expectations.  The quality is top notch.  I chose to get mine painted and I am so glad I did, I could never have achieved this paint finish at home.  Will definitely be returning for more signs in the future!"

- Ella Conrad

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Round nursery name sign for little girls bedroom.  Circular wooden name sign for Ellen Elizabeth in sweet girls bedroom with soft blush pink and gold accents

How To Order

how to order

A step-By-Step Guide To Creating A Script Name Sign All Your Own


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What will the height of my sign be?

Name signs are ordered by overall name WIDTH, not height.  If you would like to know the exact height please request a proof with your order.   

What is the standard size for a name sign that will be placed over a crib?

There truly is no standard size, however we do have some general recommendations.  Shorter names often do not need to exceed 24-36" wide, whereas longer names typically need 36" or more for a substantial statement on the wall.  Generally speaking, the longer the name(s), the more width you will need to order.  We recommend using our visual preview tools to best decide your size as the overall look and size will greatly depend on the font you select, the number of letters in your name and the width that you choose.  We typically do not recommend sizes 18" wide and under for an over-the-crib look unless you are deliberately choosing a small scale look.  Please remember signs are ordered by overall name width, NOT letter height..   A 12" wide sign is the length of a ruler with letters  that are usually only a few inches tall.

What are your most popular fonts?  

Our top 3 fonts are Sienna, James and Arianna. Other very popular choices are Benjamin, Aubree, Liam, Delilah, Harlow, Cash and Sawyer, but we can't play favorites - we love them all!  We encourage you to use our preview tools to see your name in all of our fonts to determine the font that best suits you.

How will I hang the sign?  Is hardware included?

Hardware is not included as there are a few options for hanging and we encourage you to choose the method that best suits you - read more about your hanging options here.

How long will it take to receive my sign?

It depends on if you have ordered an unpainted or painted sign.  It also depends on if you have requested a proof.  Our current processing times can be found here.

Will my name look EXACTLY the way it does on the preview site?  I'm unsure if I should request a proof.

Not exactly, but it will be VERY close.  Here are the typical changes made:  

(1) we may thicken the font slightly to provide a more stable sign.  We do not thicken every font but some calligraphy fonts are thickened in order to ensure the sign is strong enough to endure shipment and handling.  

(2) In most cases, if your 1st letter is disconnected from the rest of the name we will connect it to the rest of the letters so that we are shipping you a single piece to hang on the wall.  This is also true for any loose letters or pieces of letters.  For some fonts we may decide to keep the 1st letter disconnected if by connecting it we feel that the name loses legibility or simply looks off.   

(3) If you have a letter "i" or a "j" in your name then you will be asked when ordering if you prefer the dots to be connected or disconnected from the base of the letter.    

Our signs are custom and we are happy to create the sign as you direct us on these matters.  Simply leave any additional connection related requests in the "Special Instructions" box that is available to you after you have added to cart.  When in doubt, feel free to request a proof with options if you are unsure about how your sign will look.  

For a full list of our FAQs click here