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23 Nursery Design Trends of 2023

23 Nursery Design Trends of 2023
Hi loves!
I have a thing for keeping up with the latest trends in interiors and decorating, but I especially love following them in nurseries and kids rooms!  Being a mom, it's just so fun to see how these spaces evolve over time and how some trends translate to big girl and boy rooms later. 
Designing a nursery for a new baby is an exciting and special experience for any parent. It's a chance to create a warm and nurturing space where your little one can grow and thrive. In recent years, there have been a number of trends in nursery design that have gained popularity.  
Some trends come on strong but burn out quickly, while others have real staying power and evolve into the new "classics."  I thought it would be fun to put together my own little forecast of what I think is trending the hardest in 2023 nursery design.  Most of this I gathered from chatting with you guys and compiling my own Pinterest boards of favorite spaces and themes.  Everyday we receive message from you with photos of the beautiful nurseries and kids spaces you're working on as you ask us for color matching and design help and I love that.  It's so fun to get a glimpse into the spaces where our signs and art will soon make their home.  
Trends don't typically span a single year, many can span a decade and some of these I think we'll be seeing for quite some time.  If you're planning a nursery or kids room, I hope you find this trend-spotting list helpful.  But remember, what's most important is that you create a space that you truly love and that reflects the way you want to feel when you walk into your sweet baby's room.  Happy New Year friends!

1. Daisy Domination

Design by Abbi_myers

Holy daisies!  The daisy has really come on strong as of late as a dominating floral theme.  It’s not hard to see why this sweet motif is everywhere, with its cheerful and sunny appearance, it brings a touch of nature, playfulness and a little bit of retro sweetness that plays so well in today’s trending boho spaces. From bright yellow and white daisy wall decals to soft, plush daisy pillows, this theme can be incorporated in various ways, and also compliments the still popular rainbow and sun motifs that have been trending for years now. The daisy motif also pairs well with other natural elements like greenery, wood, and neutral tones making it a versatile and charming choice for any nursery or children's space.


2. Minimalist Neutral Nurseries

Design by graceoaksdesign

Minimalism in the  nursery isn’t new, but it sure is trending hard.  If you aren’t familiar with the minimalist style, it emphasizes the use of fewer, more purposeful items, rather than clutter and excess. The focus is on simplicity and functionality and the spaces feel clean, organized, light and airy. To achieve a minimalist nursery the key is to use a neutral color palette with shades of white, beige, or gray to create a calming atmosphere, and also use of organic materials, like wood and cotton which adds to the serene and natural feel of the space. 

This trend is very popular for many reasons including the ease of design, budget friendliness (less items = less money), gender-neutrality, timelessness and ability to easily transition the nursery into bigger girls and boys rooms.  They are simple yet stylish and also somewhat sophisticated spaces that evoke feelings of peace and tranquility, which quite frankly, is great for parents and babies alike!

3. Mushroom Magic

The mushroom trend is sprouting up big this year, bringing a touch of whimsy and magic to the nursery.  We're seeing this in all of the nursery textiles, but specifically I’ve spottedlots of charming wallpapers featuring this cute little fungi.  The mushroom adds a fun, playful, quirky and often slightly vintage twist to traditional nursery themes.  This motif also ties into several other trends including the Enchanted Forest theme along with Vintage Storybook themes we are seeing so much of right now.  As you explore this list you’ll see some overarching themes of nostalgia that cut thru many of these trends, and the mushroom motif is definitely one that follows that line.

4. Vintage Nostalgia

Design by @werethewhites_

Adding vintage elements or designing your nursery with an overall vintage vibe is one of the biggest overarching themes I’m seeing in nursery design.  Incorporating traditional and nostalgic vintage styles creates a cozy, timeless look that blends beautifully with the rest of the home and also grows so well into big girl and boy rooms.  Staples of vintage nursery design include muted and sometimes deep colors, classic patterns such as plaids or vintage florals and gilded or black vintage-style cribs.  Decorative items such as antique picture frames, vintage rugs and wallpaper, and hand-crocheted blankets add to the nostalgic feel, while practical elements like a comfortable rocking chair or vintage dresser help create a functional and warm environment.  The color green in all forms, from muted sages to deeper hunter greens are very at home in the vintage nursery and we are seeing them quite often.  The end goal of vintage nursery design is to create a space that feels current but with an air of nostalgia and timelessness that takes us back to simpler times.

5. Color Trend: Peaches + Cream

You guys know I love blush in all forms - pink blush, peach blush, beige blush - I’m here for all of it.  But the peachier side of blush is a favorite, and it’s definitely having a moment, especially paired with warm cream and natural wood accents.  This is a departure from the uber- popular blush + sage combo that we have seen for many years, as nurseries are leaning really hard into an allover warm palette.  Combining the soft sweetness of peach with the warmth of cream creates a harmonious and soothing space.  From soft peach wall paint to fluffy cream rugs, this color theme can be incorporated in various ways to suit different styles and preferences.  The peaches and cream colorway also pairs well with other pastel hues, natural woods, and neutral tones, making it a lovely choice for any nursery.

6. Boho Neutral Forever

Natural Gender Neutral NurseryDesign by @allihavrilla

Neutral boho nurseries with natural touches are proving to have real staying power.  They have been around for quite a while and show no signs of slowing down.  It's not hard to see why when you consider the widespread neutral appeal that works in so many homes and the timelessness of natural materials, not to mention the fact that this style is a favorite among the gender neutrals and also offers lots of grow-with-me appeal.  Let's just add this one to our list of trendy new classics. 

7. Warmed Up Walls

Image via HGTV

Warm and earthy colors are all the rage and we’re definitely seeing a return to this on the walls after so many years of classic white.  Beige is returning as is soft terracotta as well as cream to bring a touch of nature and coziness back into the nursery.  We are often seeing these tones balanced with a fair amount of white space in the room, which keeps the space feeling light and airy without being entirely white.  Natural materials like wood, stone, and linen lend themselves beautifully into these warmed up spacing that are not void of color but still feel very neutral.

8. Vertical Paneling

Wooden Name Sign for Boys Room with Light Room PanelingDesign by @rachellesjourney

Vertical paneling has become a popular trend in nursery design in recent years. This design element includes panels, chair rail style, beadboard, and shiplap. These styles can add texture and dimension to the walls, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Some styles even allow for the addition of wallpaper, providing further customization options. The versatility of vertical paneling makes it a versatile and stylish choice for nurseries.

9. Romantic Maximalism

Design by Studio McGee

To counter the minimalist nursery trend which emphasizes simplicity and understatement, we are seeing a surge in romantic maximalism in nursery design that takes an entirely opposite approach. Maximalism combines elements of traditional and ornate excess to create a dreamy and whimsical atmosphere. The style often features an over-the-top use of textiles, such as patterned curtains, carpets, and bedding, and also incorporates vintage or antique pieces like chandeliers, mirrors, and plush armchairs. This trend can use more muted vintage colors, but it also can use bold, vivid colors such as deep pinks, purples, and reds.  With Pantone naming "Vivid Magenta' as the 2023 color of the year, I think this could be the place where we see that color put on full display in nursery design. 

Regardless of whether your maximalist color palette is bold or muted, the definition of this style is that it combines intricate patterns (often florals) that create a maximalist look that is both playful and romantic. This style is often favored by parents who want to create a magical and dreamy atmosphere for their baby and is ideal for parents who have an appreciation for traditional, ornate and vintage design styles.

10. Checkerboard + Gingham Patterns

Design by Loomwell

The checkerboard and its close cousin gingham, are the latest geometric patterns grabbing our eye in 2023 in the world of nursery design. Both of these are classic and timeless patterns that are making a resurgence in nursery design. Notice a larger trend here yet?  A return to the classics is happening in a big way and checkers and gingham are no exceptions to that.  Checkers don't have to be black and white (although we aren’t mad if they are!) and can be any range of colors.  Respectively gingham, while classically blue and white, is being used in all sorts of pastel as well as neutral colors in the nursery.   Some popular ways to add these patterns to your space is through the use of wallpaper, patterned bedding, graphic area rugs, and ottomans, among other elements.  These pattern trends are ideal for parents who want to add a nod of tradition and charm to the nursery, without overwhelming the space with too much pattern or color. Both pair well with other classic elements, such as stripes or florals, to create a cohesive and stylish look in the room.

11. Vintage Florals

Photo by WallGarnishCo

Vintage florals are a popular trend in nursery design, offering a timeless and feminine touch to the space. The trend is characterized by the use of delicate, romantic floral prints and patterns, often in soft pastel colors such as pale pink, blue, and yellow. Vintage florals can be incorporated into the design through various elements, such as wallpapers, bedding, curtains, or even small accents like picture frames or decorative pillows. This trend is ideal for parents who want to create a delicate and romantic atmosphere for their baby, and it can be paired with other vintage or shabby chic elements to enhance the overall look and feel of the room. Vintage florals can add a touch of warmth and softness to the nursery or can be a big bold statement.  The wallpaper above has been trending for a couple of years now and does not show signs of slowing down, which tells me that many still love a bold floral look but are reaching for it in more muted colors and retro, vintage styles.

12. Sophisticated, Elevated + Luxe Nurseries

Design by Studio McGee

There are generally 2 camps when it comes to nursery design: those who believe the nursery can be a complete deviation from the rest of the home, and those that believe it should be aligned to it.  For those in the latter camp, creating a space that is playful, functional and age-appropriate yet maintains an elevated level of interior design is a great option.  These sophisticated spaces usually use neutral color palettes, high-quality luxe finishes, and timeless design elements to create spaces that will grow with the child. These designer-nurseries also incorporate practical storage solutions, such as built-in shelving and storage baskets, to keep the space organized and clutter-free.  This design trend is a favorite for design enthusiasts and designers alike and meet the needs of both the child and the parents for years to come.

13. Color Trend: Sage Green + Sage Blue

Sage greens and sage blues are very popular color choices in nursery design right now, and with good reason.  Both are very muted and read nearly neutral due to how much gray has been added to the color, which lends itself to a calming and versatile vibe on the walls.  For those who want to incorporate color, graying the shade way down is a great way to do so without it becoming a true knock-you-over-the-head color, and these 2 shades do that beautifully, work in both girl and boy nurseries, and are colors found in nature that provide a sense of tranquility and serenity in the nursery. Sage greens and blues can take center stage on the walls, or can be used as an accent color in throw pillows, curtains, rugs, or other decor. These colors work great with white, gray, or beige, as well as with other “dusty” shades making them perfectly gender-neutral and easily be incorporated into many design styles.  Hence their vast popularity!

14. Ethereal Florals

Peach floral wallpaper with baby name sign

Watercolor floral wallpaper has been probably the most popular girl nursery trend that I’ve seen since I became a mom 8 years ago.  It’s everywhere and has taken on 1000 forms.  But right now I’m seeing much more “loose” and ethereal patterns with floral watercolor wallpaper.  A less formed and more dreamy painterly touch seems to be coming across and of course we are seeing it in all the popular earth warmed up tones that you would expect. This trend makes a big statement but in a delicate and artistic way that makes the space feel unique and enveloping but still with a lot of peace and tranquility.  Ethereal florals and ethereal design in general is something I think we will continue to see more of.

15. Personal + Sentimental Touches

custom wood name sign for nursery

Ok I’m biased, I know:)  But there’s no question that no matter what style or trend you are following when creating your nursery or child’s room, that adding personal details to your child’s space is one of the sweetest and most popular ways to make the space uniquely theirs. Whether it’s a custom name sign, a framed memento or any number of heirlooms or keepsakes incorporated into the design of their space, these touches truly make for a one-of-a-kind space that reflects your own special family. 

16. Color Trend: Mauve + Dusty Blush

 Nordic Baby Boutique

Mauve and it's lighter dusty blush are popular color choices in nursery design offering a soft, feminine touch to the space. These muted shades of pink have a warm and soothing quality that makes them an ideal color for a baby's room. Mauve can be used as the main color in the room, or as an accent color in the form of decor items, such as throw pillows, curtains, or wallpaper. The color is versatile and pairs well with other pastel shades, such as pale blue, yellow, or green, as well as neutral colors like white, gray, or beige. The use of these dusty pink tones in a nursery can create a soft and cozy atmosphere, making it a peaceful and comfortable place for baby to rest and play.

17. Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest Nursery Theme

Via @jimmycricketau

The enchanted forest theme nursery trend is a popular choice among parents-to-be who want to create a magical and whimsical atmosphere for their baby's room. This trend incorporates elements such as trees, woodland animals, and mushrooms to evoke the feeling of being in a mystical and magical forest. Colors typically used in enchanted forest nurseries are greens, browns, and blues to enhance the natural look. Decorations can range from wall decals to stuffed animals, and even fairy lights to add a touch of enchantment. The trend has been around for years but has gained more popularity in recent years as the larger themes of nostalgic design have taken center stage. 

18. Boho Safari

Photo by @kaybaykaku

This trend combines elements of the traditional safari theme, such as animals and natural elements, with elements of bohemian style, such as patterns, textures, and eclectic accents. The result is a unique and stylish space that is both whimsical and functional. The safari theme with boho style can be incorporated into the design through the use of wall murals, patterned textiles, and decorative accents like baskets and woven rugs. The use of earthy tones, such as olive green, sandy beige, and rust red, creates a warm and inviting atmosphere in the nursery. This trend is ideal for parents who want to create a fun and eclectic space for their baby that is both practical and stylish.

19. Arches

Baby Nursery with arch on accent wall with wooden name sign

The use of arched shapes in nurseries and children's spaces has become a popular trend in recent years. Arches bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to the room, and their curved lines can also help to soften the look of more angular or boxy spaces. Arched wall decals or painted arches  in various colors and styles can be used to create a statement wall or to frame important items like the crib or changing table. Arches can also be incorporated into the furniture design, such as in the form of an arched bookshelf or headboard. The use of arched shapes in nurseries and children's spaces is a chic and stylish choice that is sure to be around for quite a bit.

20. Small Scale Wallpaper

Via Anthropologie

This trend features wallpaper with small and delicate patterns, such as dainty florals, polka dots, or geometric shapes. The use of small scale wallpaper helps to create a calming and visually appealing atmosphere in the nursery, without overwhelming the space. The wallpaper can be used as a feature wall, on an accent wall, or in small sections around the room, such as behind a crib or above a changing table. This trend is ideal for parents who want to add a touch of playfulness and visual interest to the nursery, without overwhelming the space. Small scale wallpaper is an easy and affordable way to add a touch of style to the nursery, and can be changed or updated as the child grows and their tastes evolve.

21. Mother Goose + Vintage Storybook Theme

Mother Goose Theme Nursery Vintage Girl Nursery Cottagecore

Source Unknown

Yep, more nostalgia here!  There are so many playful and charming ways that I've seen vintage nursery rhyme and storybooks “characters” added to the nursery.   Aside from Mother Goose, who is definitely having her moment, there are many vintage nursery rhymes, storybooks and fairy tales making their way into nursery design in both big and small ways, some more literal than others.  Think Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit themes as well as the popular classic bunny motif an abstraction of it.  Regardless, the theme is centered around the idea of creating a whimsical, storybook environment that evokes childhood memories and imagination. Key elements of this trend include items such as whimsical illustrations of nursery rhyme characters, pastel colors or muted colors, and patterns inspired by classic children's books. No matter which character or motif you choose, parents can turn their baby's nursery into a magical world full of beloved stories and characters.

22. Rattan, Wicker + Woven Materials

20 Nursery Design Trends for 2020Design by The French Folk

Natural materials are hot in general, but for years I've continued to see caning, wicker and rattan in big and small ways throughout the nursery, and quite frankly, I'm here for it.  The warmth that these touches bring to a nursery is undeniable and can be added in big or small ways.  Woven changing baskets are a great way to add this trend in a small dose, or you can lay it on thick with a natural woven bonanza for a big boho punch.

23. Fern + Frond

Move over eucalyptus, there’s a new botanical theme in town: the friendly fern and other fan-shaped fronds seem to be popping up everywhere.  From delicate fern-print wallpapers and art prints, to bedding, pillows and more, the fern motif brings an organic touch and is showing up often in beautiful shades of green, but also in other monochromatic and muted colors such as white, beige, cream and gray.  Ferns, like so many natural elements, play well with others and can be played up or down depending on the style you are going for.

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