Hanging Options

There are a number of ways to hang your name sign!*

 Please note that we do NOT install any hardware with your name sign as this would prevent you from being able to use mounting tape, which is the most popular way to hang our name signs.

Option 1: Strong Adhesive Tapes (Most Popular)**
Adhesive tapes or strips may be used to mount our lightweight signs.  It is very important when using mounting tapes that you follow the installation instructions very closely and use the bond appropriate for your wall surface.

3M Mounting Strips
3M strips are ideal for hanging due to their typical ease of removal. However it is important to note that 3M mounting strips are not suitable for textured walls and provide a less permanent bond than strong mounting tapes.  Please evaluate carefully if 3M strips are appropriate for your hanging application.

Gorilla Mounting Tapes
Gorilla mounting tapes are a heavy duty tape and create a permanent bond between your sign and wall.  Gorilla tapes can be used on both textured and untextured walls.  Please be aware that Gorilla Mounting Tape is a permanent tape and may cause surface damage if removed. If tape must be removed, the mounted object must be removed first. This may best be achieved by prying from one corner. Next, mounting tape can be removed by slowly stretching the tape parallel to the surface.

Option 2: Hammer Nails into Wall
This method works for our script name signs and monograms, as you can simply hammer nails into your wall and hang the sign directly onto the nails.  This method does not work for all block letters, as it depends on the shape of the letter if it can hang by gravity onto a nail. This method does not work for our round name signs.

To install your sign using this method, it easiest to do so with 2 people.   1 person simply needs to hold the sign in place where you would like it to be hung, while the other person, places nails just underneath the letters or loops of the sign and hammers them into the wall.  Nails should not be fully hammered into the wall so that the letters of loops can "rest" or "hang" on the nails.  Typically placement for nails is near the center as well as the far right and far left letters of the name.


Option 3: Install Sawtooth Hanger

With our round name signs, most of our customers choose to use mounting tapes for installation, there are some that prefer to hang via hardware.  In this case simply install a sawtooth hanger onto the back of your round sign and hang from a nail.

Sawtooth hangers are not the easiest method to install on a script name sign and we recommend instead hammering nails into the wall.  However installation of a sawtooth hanger onto our block letters typically is possible for most fonts and is a good options if mounting tapes are not your preference.

*Please note that we in no way accept any liability for the way your sign is hung on your wall as this is dependent on your preferred installation method as well as the surface of your wall and the care you take in installing your sign.  This page is simply informational to direct you to hanging resources.  
**Some references may include affiliate links for which we earn a very small commission.  We do not recommend any products that we do not use ourselves and have had good experiences with.