Below are the types of Photo content we request:

📷 A Styled Nursery or Bedroom Photo
See Example 1 | See Example 2 | See Example 3 

    📷 Candid Lifestyle Family Photo
    A candid-style photo of your family being a family in a styled space in your home, with the product featured in the image
    i.e.  Mom & child hugging or dancing, child playing in their room with the sign overhead, etc. Please feel free to get creative!
    See Example 1 See Example 2 See Example 3  | See Example 4

    📷 A Child or Parent Photo with Sign
    i.e.  Baby announcement photo, baby sitting or standing in crib with sign overhead, parent posing in front of sign, child holding sign while smiling or laughing, etc.
    See Example 1 | See Example 2 | See Example 3 | See Example 4  

    Notes about Photography:
    •   All images are to be submitted via email (or emailed Dropbox link) in High Resolution. All images should be of the highest quality and highest resolution possible.
    •   Images should be light, bright & airy. Please shoot all content in bright, natural lighting. Turn off any indoor lights and let the sunshine in!
    •   Images should be a mix of vertical and horizontal landscapes. Images should look different from each other and not repetitive. 

    Below are the types of Video content we request:

    📹 Reaction/Unboxing 
    Please show your face so we can see your reaction! Kindly remove all foam and/or packaging materials around the sign before shooting the video. Shipping cardboard and the box being shown is OK.
    See Example

    📹 How-To
    Sometimes it’s better to show, not tell. Show us how easy it is to hang your sign!
    There are a couple options for hanging and we encourage you to choose the method that best suits you. More information about hanging options can be found here.

     📹 What I Bought vs. What I Got
    Showing how the sign looks even better in real life than online! Show the process of easily designing your sign on the font previewer to getting the sign in the mail, to hanging it on the wall.

    📹 Before & After
    Use your video to show how your sign transforms your nursery or child’s bedroom
    i.e. Nursery tour, room refresh/upgrade
    See Example

    Notes about Videography:
    •   Shoot in either 9:16 ratio or 1:1 ratio
    •   All videos are to be submitted via email (or emailed Dropbox link) in High Resolution. 

    •   Natural lighting, turn off indoor lights
    •   For videos we ask that you are shooting face-to-camera footage with the product in frame, and not just shooting the content with a voiceover. We want to see your gorgeous faces with the product! 


    If you are interested in discussing further please email with a link to your social profile, a photo of your space, your content plans, and desired product.  
    We look forward to working together!

    Adoren Studio reserves the right to use the photos and videos for any commercial use.