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Add a personal and unique touch to your nursery or child's room with a first and last name sign featuring our stunning Sienna script font! Custom-made from high quality 1/2" thick baltic birch plywood that is machine cut with precision and wide-belt sanded to deliver superior craftsmanship.  


• Crafted from 1/2" Thick Birch Plywood 

• Order based on the WIDTH of your first name.  "eleanor" is shown at 36" wide and is appropriate for names 7 letters or less.  For longer names we recommend ordering 42"+ wide to achieve a similar letter height as shown.  Longer names ordered at 36" wide will result in shorter letter heights.

• Exact Dimensions Vary By Personalization. Request Proof for Exact Dimensions

• Height will vary based on number of letters in your name(s). If you would like to know the height of your sign please request a proof along with your order.

Letter Connections

Letters such as "j" and "i" contain dots that are not naturally connected to the base of the letter. For the Sienna font we find that most customers prefer that we leave the dot disconnected from the base of the letter.  For this reason we will default to disconnecting any loose dots and will only connect the dot of the "i" or "j" to the base if you leave us a note at checkout indicating that request.

Additionally, we will connect any letters to each other that are disconnected (often this happens with a capital 1st letter) so that you are shipped 1 single wooden sign.  If you prefer for your 1st letter to be disconnected from the rest of the name in any way please also specify this to us by leaving us a note at checkout.


We will use the same capitalization that you type.  Please be sure you are sending us the name with uppercase or lowercase 1st letter as you desire.

Font Substitutions 

At Adoren Studio we offer a wide variety of fonts for our name signs. While you are welcome to request other fonts to be substituted for the ones shown, please note that this may greatly affect the look and dimensions mentioned in this listing. The information given in this listing regarding connections and capitalization applies exclusively to the Sienna font pictured. If you opt to replace the Sienna font with another font options we recommend ordering a proof so that you will have the chance to approve the design before it is designed or shipped.

Otherwise, if you waive your right to a proof you also waive your right for any approval or future dispute of the connection or capitalization decisions that our designers make when designing your names in the alternative fonts chosen. You may feel free to leave us any instructions regarding capitalization or connections that you like i.e. Connect dot, connect 1st letter, disconnect 1st letter, etc... In the absence of those instructions we will design the names using our best judgment.


We are happy to provide a proof to you if desired. Please note that this will affect the turnaround time of your order.  A full proof will display your specific name showcasing the exact way it will be cut with any connected letters or capitalization as specified above or according to the preferences you list in the personalization section when placing your order. Please note that we provide proofs for customers who have placed orders and are unable to provide proofs for those who have not yet purchased. We promise that we will work on your name until you are happy in the proofing process. If we are unable to display the name as you wish we will fully refund your order.  To order a proof simply select it during the ordering process.

Hanging + Hardware

No hanging hardware will be included with your sign.  There are a number of ways to hang your sign, please use the method that best suits you and read more about various hanging options here.

Processing & Shipping

Our turnaround time is subject to change.  Please see our current turnaround time here.  

We ship to the continental US. All orders are sent vis UPS or USPS.  We do provide shipping time estimations for our products and will work to get your order to you as quickly as possible, however please not that our shipping lead times are all estimations and we cannot guarantee an order to arrive by a specific time.  We encourage you to ship all items to a permanent address in order to ensure a successful delivery, PO boxes are not recommended.


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