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Aug 01

Printing Love: The Printing Resource Guide You Need To Know

Printing Love: The Printing Resource Guide You Need To Know

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Hi loves!
It’s no secret around here, we think there is a whole lot to love about digital art.  We could point to its affordability, its immediate accessibility or the ability to try new looks without a large monetary commitment, among others, but today I wanted to discuss the versatility of printing methods available when you buy digital artwork.

I often am asked for my recommended printing methods and paper choices, and my answer is always the same – it really depends on your personal preferences.  There are no rules for glossy finishes vs. matte, and it is a personal decision as to whether one really cares about printing in fine art quality or not.  Maybe a birth announcement is something more sentimental to you and you want to ensure its quality will remain high thru the years, or maybe you’re purchasing a one-time seasonal print for a party that you will never use again.  These are very different purchases that may dictate the type of printing method and amount of money you wish to spend on a print.

We’ve created the following roundup of some of our favorite printing resources available, along with some pros and cons as we encountered in our own printing experiences.  We can only vouch for our own experiences, particularly with online printers and they are by no means all-encompassing, but I hope you will find this to be a helpful guide as you navigate the many options available to you when you purchase digital art.

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